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New to CrossFit?  New to Leavenworth?  

We've got you covered. The info on this page should answer most basic questions and get you going in the right direction. Start here, click around on the links provided, do some independent research, and when the time is right...come on down.

We have trainers in the bubble virtually all day, every day.  Check out our "Trainers" page to find out who works out when you work out.  We are all here to get you in the mix!

What is CrossFit?

It's hard to do this question justice in a few short paragraphs.
  • At its heart, CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program built upon constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. It layers elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, and traditional "cardio" activities onto a sound nutritional plan. It imparts skills that are easily transferable to sport and everyday life...that are universally applicable, from the elderly to the elite athlete.
  • As the short video below demonstrates, CrossFit also means many other things to different people. It breeds camaraderie, confidence, and a healthy form of competition. It will certainly challenge you, mentally and physically; but the payoff is worth it. Seeing your progress is fun and achieving your goals is gratifying. The efficacy of the CrossFit methodology is proven.

How Do I Get Started at IMCF?

Based on your experience level, there are a few ways to get integrated into the Iron Major CrossFit community.
  1. Just Show Up. If you have some experience with CrossFit and functional fitness, just come on down to the Bubble before one of the posted start times and ask around for one of the IMCF trainers. We'll get you linked up with some folks who can get you oriented, whether you are looking to work out with others or on your own.
  2. On-Ramp Course. The best and easiest way to formally get started is to attend an On-Ramp / Foundations class. We organize these free, introductory sessions on a monthly basis, usually on Saturday mornings. Check our "On-Ramp" page for up-to-date details and registration info. While not a "prerequisite" for anything, the class is a structured way to provide you with a sound foundation on functional fitness, prepare you to execute our workouts, and allow you to meet some people along the way.
  3. Post to WOD Comments. Admit it -- if you've read this far you've probably been stalking the workout posts for a few days now. When you're ready to jump in, just post to comments on the next day's WOD: "Hey, I'm new and would like to get started...can anyone help me out?" You are guaranteed to get a quick and helpful response.
  4. Send Us an Email. Granted, we'll probably just try to re-direct you back to options 1-3. But, if you want to get in touch with us directly or have some pointed questions, send an email to and
Remember -- the two hardest days in your CrossFit experience are the day you show up, and the day you decide to come back.

A Little More on How IMCF Operates.

Inbound folks often have questions that are shaped by their experiences with other CrossFit affiliates. As a non-profit military affiliate, we operate a little differently from your standard box and it takes a little explanation to understand how IMCF runs and where you fit in.
  • Facilities. We use an Army MWR owned/operated facility, which we call "the Bubble." It is open to the Fort Leavenworth community, and not reserved for exclusive use by IMCF or any other group. As such, people can come in at any time during the day (closed weekends) and do whatever type of workout they want. Probably 95% of the people in the Bubble do functional fitness work, but occasionally we get some folks who just want to bench, back squat, etc. 
  • Workouts. The IMCF Workout of the Day (WOD) is normally posted to our website at 1800 the day prior to execution. Programming follows a 5-day on, 2-day off model to align with most M-F work schedules, and typically has a classic, balanced general physical preparedness (GPP) feel to it. Most mornings, first one in will slap the WOD up on one of the whiteboards for easy reference so you can just show up and get to it.
  • Classes? Unlike many boxes, we don't schedule formal classes led by a coach/trainer. What we do have are informal groups that get together regularly to warm up, perform the WOD, and maybe do some extra skill work. These groups almost always include Level 1 (L1) Trainers, and we rely heavily on each other for motivation and coaching. You are welcome to join an existing group, start your own group, or go it alone. In keeping with the CF methodology, we often seek out those that are working alone and invite them into our groups.
  • Times. Because most of our athletes head to work / school around 0800, many folks like to get in and work out early. The Bubble is hopping most mornings between 0530-0700. Check the daily WOD posts for start times, and show up early to get oriented and warmed up. If the morning isn't for you, there are also lunch groups and afternoon groups that convene between 1530-1700. Either way, the best way to get linked up with a group is by either showing up and looking for IMCF trainers or posting on the blog for help. 
  • But I'm New. IMCF welcomes motivated athletes of all skill levels. We offer free introductory On-Ramp classes to the Fort Leavenworth community and take pride in introducing newcomers to CrossFit and helping them along. Many of our success stories start with single individuals peeking into the Bubble, feeling a little overwhelmed and intimidated, and retreating back to their comfort zones. Give it a chance -- meet some people, start WODing with us, attend an On-Ramp class -- and you're likely to catch the bug and keep coming back. 
  • Giving Back. We also seek experienced CrossFitters who are interested in contributing to the IMCF community and can help us bring newcomers into the fold. To that end, we regularly coordinate and host L1 Trainer Courses through CrossFit Headquarters to expand our base of expertise. IMCF is a great forum to move beyond your role as an athlete and develop the skills that make a great trainer and coach. If interested in joining the IMCF community in a leadership role, email and
  • One More Note. You will see groups performing WODs in the Bubble besides the workout posted by IMCF. There are two local, for-profit affiliates that that operate in the same facility, and we all share space and support each other. Additionally, there are small groups that do their own programming and we co-exist with them as well. These are usually people with some experience and specific training objectives, so they do their own thing.

Additional Resources.

Perhaps the best way to learn more is to go right to the source. The CrossFit Main Site at has a bunch of useful information for the new and uninitiated. Recommended topics to review include:
  • "What is CrossFit?" -- additional information on the CrossFit method and philosophy.
  • "Frequently Asked Questions" -- a very useful repository of Q&A on wide-ranging topics, both general and specific (exercises, substitutions and scaling, named workouts, nutrition).
  • "Exercises & Demos" -- links to videos for all kinds of movements and exercises.  YouTube is another fantastic resource...if you know what you are looking for.