Feb 1, 2018

Friday 2018.2.2


Row 400m
Inchworm “out”
Spiderman “back”
PVC pass throughs
2 rounds not for time
8-10 Light KG/DB Thrusters
8-10 Supermans
Then, as a group
5 mins mobilization work to improve front rack and or bottom position(s) as needed



With a two-person team grab one bar per person and two 45, 35, 25, and 10lb plates per bar. Load each bar with 135lb and arrange team to face each other.  On “go” one team member does one thruster, then the other person does one thruster. Next the first member does two thrusters, followed by the second doing two thrusters.  Repeat in this fashion until either member cannot mirror the effort of the preceding effort or progress in repetitions.  When this happens, strip the bar and load it with 115lb.  Lower the weight and continue the effort all the way down to the empty 45lb bar.  The bar may be held in a front rack or rested on the ground between attempts but the member must begin their round as soon as the preceding effort is over.

Women’s weights:  115, 105, 95, 65, 35  

The team that whines or cries the least wins!  You know thrusters are coming to an Open near you soon, so you can thank us later for the practice.

Post your rounds and reps to the Comments.

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