Dec 18, 2017

Tuesday 2017.12.19


Row 500m
Inchworm “out”
Spiderman “back”
PVC pass throughs
2 rounds not for time
10-12 walking lunges with plate overhead
10-12 Supermans
Progress to working load(s)


Strict Press: 8-8-8

Push Jerk: 3-3-3

Today we are pressing with a little more volume.  We are doing sets of 8 to build muscle (hypertrophy) and muscular endurance.  With the shoulders pre-fatigued, we’ll do the push jerk in sets of 3.  You’ll be forced to drive through the heels and use your hips to drive the bar then press yourself under the bar. As always, form governs load. Maintain a good rack, a solid core, and a strong overhead position. Don’t rush the 8’s, pause briefly in the rack and overhead positions.

Post loads to Comments.


monroe said...

75, 95, 85
95, 105, 115

Dwayne Beasley said...

75 95 85
95 115 125