Nov 30, 2017

Friday 2017.12.1

In order to deconflict scheduling of another large group at the Bubble gym in the a.m., the 0530/0630 WOD is different than the 1600 WOD.


500m row
Inchworm out
Spiderman back
2 rounds, not for time:
10 pullups
10 pushups
10 KBS
“27 squats”


0530 and 0630 Classes
For time:
In teams of 2, perform 150 pullups and 150 toes to bar.
Partner A: Performs pullup/toes to bar
Partner B: Executes 20 lunges (10 out, 10 back)

Partner A performs as many pullups/toes to bar as possible while Partner B completes the 20 lunges. Once the 20 lunges are completed, partners A and B switch. All 150 pullups must be completed prior to executing the 150 toes to bar. Pullups/t2b may only be executed while the other partner is conducting lunges. Team is complete once all 300 pullups and toes to bar are complete.

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1600 Class
“Double Date”
A mash-up of two “Girl” WODs, “Karen” (150 wall ball) and “Grace” (30 clean and jerk).

This one is done in five rounds, one partner works at a time.  
Round 1: Partner A does three C&J, then partner B does 10 wall ball shots
Round 2: Partner A does 10 wall ball shots, then partner B does 3 C&J
And so on until rounds complete, totaling 150 wall ball shots and 30 clean and jerks.
That means each partner does a total of “only” 75 wall ball, and 15 clean and jerks.

Wall ball shots are to a 10’ target with 20/14lb ball
The load for clean and jerk is 135/105lb

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Matthew DeSabio said...

Matt/Jess: 25:30 (pullup/t2b WOD)