Sep 28, 2017

Friday 2017.9.29


Row 500m
Inchworm "out"
Spiderman "back"
PVC Pass-throughs
"Junk yard dog" with partner


Partner WOD: “I Go, You Go”
Two partners work through the exercises in an I go- you go fashion where one person does ten reps at a time, then the other does ten reps until that exercise is done, then move on to the next exercise.  Do the exercises in any order you wish.  There’s an old parable that goes: “If you are given a frog and a piece of cake to eat, eat the frog first.”  Personally, I’d do the burpees first.  
For Time:
100 KB swings (eye-level height, 53/35lb)
100 Double unders
100 Medicine ball cleans (20/14lb)
100 Burpees
100 Sit ups

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Nick Ferry said...

17:42 (solo 50ct), 1pd, 20#, DU

Matthew DeSabio said...

Matt and Carlos - 14:14

monroe said...

With Joel, 20:22

Samuel Lyon said...

With Shelby Wilson Rx - 22:28