Sep 14, 2017

Friday 2017.9.15


Run 400m
Inchworm "out"
Spiderman "back"
PVC Pass-throughs
"27 squats"


2-Person Team “Kelly”
5 Rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jumps
30 Wall ball shots
How to do it:  At 3,2,1, GO! Person A begins running 400 meters while person B starts on the Box Jumps and wall ball shots.  When Person A returns from the run, they pick up on the box jump/wall ball where B left off.  B takes off on the 400 meter run as soon as A returns.  Keep rotating until 5 rounds of box jumps and wall ball shots are complete (total of 150 of each).
*Be aware that this may take more than five 400 meter runs!

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