Aug 28, 2017

Tuesday 2017.8.29


150 single-unders
Inchworm “out”
Spiderman “back”
PVC pass throughs
25m (high knees, Frankensteins, donkey kicks, forward skipping, backward skipping, forward sprint, and backpedal)


20 x 40-meter hill runs. Rest for the time it takes to walk to the bottom of the hill.

Start at the entry to the “lemon lot,” and run west to the curb at the top of the lot. 
Practice these as “stride-outs,” where you start smooth and finish strong, increasing the effort as you go to a max intensity of around 80%.
Short, hard hill work is good for several reasons:
They boost your anaerobic capacity
They improve mental toughness
You tend to use better form on an incline
Decelerating from a sprint into an incline is far less stressful on the joints and hammies.
Warm up well and try to maintain a constant effort across the repeats, about 80%.

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Angela Edwards said...

Can't wait!

Dana Lapreze said...

oh goody!

monroe said...

Goody indeed! The group averaged around 17 seconds