Aug 17, 2017

Friday 2017.8.18


100 Single unders
Inchworm “out”
Spiderman “back”
PVC pass throughs
For Time
“Junk Yard Dog” with Partner

WOD (0530 & 0630 only)

“Get Up and Row!”
Two persons perform two rounds each of the following couplet for time:
2K row
Turkish Get Ups (53/36lb kettlebell)

How to do it:  At “3-2-1, Go” Person A begins rowing while person B performs TGU’s.  When person A completes the 2 K row, swap roles.  When person B completes the row, that’s one round. Repeat. In the end both persons will have completed two 2K rows, and two sets of TGU’s. 

Post team total of TGU’s to Comments.

***1600 WOD at the track (changed due to PAIR DAY)***


Jog 1/4 mile
High knees “out” 50m
Karaoke “back” 50m
Backward run “out” 50m
Butt kicks “back” 50m


3 partner 3 mile relay race

Two persons (persons A&B) set up at one end of the track and one (person C) at the opposite end.  At "Go" person A runs 200 meters and tags person C, who runs 200 meters and tags person B.  Continue alternating 200 meter legs until the team accumulates 3 miles.  A "tag" must be performed at each hand off.  

Post time to complete to comments

Have a good weekend!

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Matthew DeSabio said...

Matt (solo) 61 TGUs - good job this morning, everyone!