Mar 20, 2017

Tuesday 2017.03.21

- 2-3 min jump rope
- Inchworm “out”
- Spiderman “back”
- PVC pass throughs
Then 2 rounds NFT:
- Row 250m
- 15 air squats
- 10 pushups
- 5 pullups
- 5-7 mins Clean and Jerk progressions to working load as required


Grace is a workout in which you do thirty clean and jerks for time. Men have to clean and jerk 135 lbs, while women have to clean and jerk 95 lbs. You may choose to do singles at a predetermined pace, string together sets, or plow straight through with 30. Do a realistic assessment of your capability, scale if appropriate, choose a strategy, and stick with it. A rep every 10 or 15 seconds is a good strategy if this is your first time. Use the clock. Chained reps are faster. This is a sprint WOD, so the bar dancing around on the ground can significantly increase your time. That being said, chained reps are more fatiguing. If you can do 10 straight, but that leaves you gassed, think about breaking earlier – maybe work in 3s and 5 with quick breaks. This workout is about mental toughness as much as physical ability. Don't choose to stop and rest because your lungs are burning, your heart racing, or your muscles are fatigued. I have rarely seen people get to the point that they have to stop, most of the time they choose to stop.
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Swimming tomorrow!

Cool Down:
- Hang from Rig (1min)

Lying on the floor:
- Hamstring stretch (20-30 secs each leg)
- Lumbar stretch (pull knees to chest, holding knees just below knee caps, press lumbar region into floor while gently rocking side to side, 20-30 secs)

- Butterfly stretch (20-30 secs), then
- Couch stretch (20 -30 secs each leg)
- Extended Child’s pose (10 deep breaths)
- Finish with foam roller as needed

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0530, 0630 and 1600. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

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monroe said...

Warmed up with 5 x 30 double unders
Grace: 10 x 115, 20 x 120lb
Full squat, split jerk
Didn't go for time, about 15 seconds rest between efforts.
Finished with 4 x 25 situps, 4 x 20 lunges, alternating.