Feb 18, 2017

Monday 2017.02.20 - 0830 Community WOD @ Harney West Gym

Community WOD for President's Day will occur at 0830 on 20 Feb in the Harney West Gym.

WOD is:
Three 5 min rounds, with a 1 min rest between rounds (optional 4th round)

- Run (with a football) 5 yds, juke, run 5 yds, juke, run 5 yds then return in the same manner
Hand football to next teammate and do 1 burpee (+1 each round)

Athletes will divide up into 3-4 teams of relatively equal numbers. Goal is to complete as many burpee reps as possible. Round 2 picks up where round 1 left off, i.e if I'm at burpee 4 of 5 at the end of round 1, I begin round 2 with burpee 5 of 5. Score is total burpees for the team . The run portion is 1 lap the width of the BB court.

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