Jan 2, 2017

Monday 2017.01.02

For time: Run 5k

Post time and goals for the New Year to Comments


monroe said...

I walked it, 36 minutes. I'm experimenting with the Phil Maffetone formula for endurance work. Basically, you subtract your age from 180, and that is your aerobic heart rate threshold. Read up on it at https://philmaffetone.com/what-is-the-maffetone-method/
Speaking of reading, just finished Chris McDougall's "Natural Born Heroes; Mastering the Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance." Great story, couldn't put it down. Motivating and inspiring.

Mark Vidotto said...

Ran 5k...also 6 more.
Goals: pistol Rx. It'll be in the open soon enough.

Patrick Rood said...

24:16. Goals: 3x Muscle-Ups, 5x strict HPSUs, 2x body weight deadlift, 12:15 2-miler.

Matt Slyder said...

Goals: 1 bar or ring muscle up, 1 pistol each leg, handstand walks 5 meters, 10 double unders unbroken. 400# deadlift, bodyweight+ 175# clean and jerk, 135#+ snatch and 100#+ overhead squat. Swim 200m+ unbroken. Fran Rx 7:00. Gain lean mass.