Jan 14, 2017

Monday 0830 MLK Family WOD 2017.01.16

*** Harney Gym Western BB Court ***
Group Warmup:
- 200ft jog (2 laps sideline to sideline)
- 100ft high knees (1 lap sideline to sideline)
- 100ft butt kicks (1 lap sideline to sideline)
- 50ft lateral squat walk w/pivot
- 50ft lateral lunge w/pivot
- 50ft bear crawl
- 50ft crab walk 
15 min partner AMRAP - 2-person teams.You go, I go.
- 1x air squat
- shuffle left 50ft (sideline to sideline)
- shuffle right 50ft (sideline to sideline)
- 1x air squat
- 100ft run (1 lap sideline to sideline) 
*Partner A does 1x squat, shuffles left from sideline to sideline, then returns shuffling right, does 1x squat, then runs 1x lap sideline to sideline and tags Partner B.  Add 1x additional squat each round  (round 2 is 2x squats, round 3 is 3x squats, etc.).

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