Dec 7, 2016

Thursday 2016.12.08

- Side Straddle Hop 50 reps
- Brisk walk 200m (out)
- Jog 200m (back)
- 5-7 mins individual focus on lower body as desired


Run 5K

Yes, it’s cold outside. Warm up well. Don’t over dress. Dress so you’ll feel a little chilly for the first mile or so. Get out your chap stick, some Vaseline for your cheeks, and suck on a throat lozenge to coat your throat.

Cool Down:
Lying on the floor:
- Hamstring stretch (20-30 secs each leg)
- Lumbar stretch (pull knees to chest, holding knees just below knee caps, press lumbar region into floor while gently rocking side to side, 20-30 secs)

- Butterfly stretch (20-30 secs), then
- Couch stretch (20 -30 secs each leg)
- Child’s pose (10 deep breaths)

- Finish with foam roller as needed

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Coach's Notes Normal start times of 0530, 0630 and 1600. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!
On Ramp – 10 Dec 16 @ 0830