Dec 18, 2016

Monday 2016.12.19

Warm up

- Row 500m
- PVC and empty bar Burgener warm up progressions
- 5-7 mins individual focus as needed


Snatch - 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post Loads to Comments

On leave, no gym?  Try this: 100 Front/Back Burpees - One burpee as usual, for the next one go from standing to a prone position, belly up.  That’s two. Repeat.


Rich Demarais said...

New PR by 5# thanks to help from LTC Martin and Carlos!

Rich M. said...

Great job Rich D! I worked up to a new PR as well at 140#. 0530 class had a good morning at 0630!

monroe said...

Lots of warm up with the bar, then 125lb for all attempts, no misses.
Followed with some KB snatch work and front squats.