Jun 15, 2016

Thursday 16.06.16

Warm Up
- 3 sets of 15 each exercise (GHD Sit ups, pushups, pullups, air squats)

Main WOD
5 rounds of:

- 10 OHS 75/55#
- 5 Ring Dips
- 10 Toes To Bar
- 5 Pull Ups

Follow with Suitcase Carry: Six lengths of the bubble with the heaviest single KB/DB you can manage. Alternate sides.

Mobility WOD
- Banded shoulder distraction.  2 minutes each arm; 2x.

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com.

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0530, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD
- Active shoulders on the OHS.  Keep your weight through the heels and drive up with the hips as you come out of the squat.

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