Jan 31, 2016

Crossfit Games

The Open is upon us! In just 25 short days, Dave Castro will announce the first WOD of the 2016 CrossFit Games Open (WOD 16.1).

First things first - if you haven't already registered, why not? What are you waiting for? Some of you may be thinking that you're not ready, or not fit enough. Don't let that hold you back - don't let YOU hold you back. The Open is possible for ANYONE. (When was the last time you entered any competition - a 5K, a swim, a bike race - because you thought your were guaranteed to win?) It gives you a good metric to how you are progressing in your fitness. Most of all, it's FUN.  Yes, there is a scaled division, so literally EVERYONE can do it.

To add to the fun this year, Iron Major CrossFit will be doing something a little bit different. We will hold Friday Night Lights every week of the Open. Every Friday evening, we will have an event - a mini-competition - with heats, judging, etc. to get the Open WOD done. (Multiple other opportunities will be available to get judged and scored on Friday and Monday each week.

We also have a team - which anyone who registers under IMCF and does at least half of their workouts every week at the bubble. (Yes, that means you, folks of Results, HIIT FIT, and Body and Mind Athletics.)

Additionally, we will need volunteers to help with the Open, and specifically Friday Night Lights. Judges, of course, will be needed - but we'll need quite a few other things done as well. If you're even the slightest interested in helping out, please shoot an email to Dave Hudson at palerower@gmail.com.

Most importantly...go get registered!

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