Dec 6, 2015

Monday 15.12.07

Warm Up
- 3 sets of 7 each exercise (GHD Sit ups, pushups, pullups, air squats)
- Hip opening drills

Main WOD
Front Squat + Split jerk,
- 5 x 3+1.

Mobility WOD
- Pigeon and couch stretch

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0530, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD
- This means for each set you perform 3 front squats, and after the last squat in the set do a split jerk from the front rack.

Mobility WOD
Hold each stretch each side for 2 minutes.


Kevin Moyer said...

Transition wasn't the easiest or the prettiest but I did it at 115 lbs. I felt like I could have done more weight but transitioning from the Front Squat to the Split Jerk prevented me from even attempting to.

David Batchelor said...

115, 135, 145, 145, 145. Transition from the front rack to overhead was hard initially

monroe said...

I did 135 for all sets. Wrists were stiff, and not very speedy on the jerk. Probably should have stayed lighter and worked on technique.