Nov 1, 2015

November Notes

November Notes

Here we go. If you haven’t put on a pound or two from sneaking the good stuff out of the Halloween stash, you’re probably thinking about strategies to navigate the rest of the holiday season without letting the seams out in your wardrobe. But let’s not focus on food. These are the holidays, enjoy them! You’re going to drink wine and eat stuffing. And you’ll likely put on a few pounds. Deal with it, but don’t stress over it.

During the on ramp we talk a lot about the other 23 hours of the day, what you do outside the gym. This month let’s focus on sleep. Here’s a simple challenge: keep a sleep log for 30 days. Start simple with writing down what time you go to bed, what time you wake, how many times you get up and the reason for getting up. Look around your bed and bedroom and see how well it’s prepared for the purpose of sleeping. Also take a look at how much sunlight you’re getting. The days are getting shorter, get out and take advantage of the daylight, even when it’s overcast daylight – being outdoors – is beneficial in so many ways.

This month the programming includes a lot of strength training. You’ll be lifting heavy stuff at greater volume more regularly than in the previous months. Resist the urge to cherry pick the programming. If you approach this month’s program with intelligent scaling and effort you should be able to do every WOD with energy and come back fresh the next day.

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