Aug 25, 2015

Wednesday 15.08.26

Warm Up
- 400m run
- Dynamic stretching

Main WOD
- Accumulate 1.5 minutes in L Sit, then


For time:
- 100 Pull ups
- 100 Push ups
- 100 Sit ups
- 100 Squats

Mobility WOD
- 1/2 Split Right Side 1 minute
- 1/2 Split Left Side 1 minute
- Pigeon Right Side 1 minute
- Pigeon Left Side 1 minute

- banded shoulder distraction

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0530, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD
- Angie is a benchmark WOD.  Complete each exercise type before moving on to the next.  Scale as needed

Mobility WOD
- More hamstring flexibility work.  Banded shoulder distraction is to relieve your shoulders after the pull ups.


Sapper408 said...

21.14 Awesome group

Tamika M said...

39:44 scaled push and pull ups

Devon McCuan said...

23:26 scaled push and pull ups

Ecko Logrono said...

26:50 scaled pull ups

Kevin Moyer said...

Nice workout... 24:23

Emery Baughan said...

18:50 Rx. I'll definitely feel the pullups.

monroe said...

26:37 Pullups done in sets of 5 (9:00) pushups sets of 5 (16:33) soups slow but unbroken (21:30) squats unbroken. Man, that one was tough at the end of a long work day. Great work everyone.

Kevin McDonald said...

Skipped the L-sits.

Angie: 21:15 Rx. Pullups rocked me. Still using a piece of pipe hanging from my ring straps - butterflies fell apart. Started with sets of 10 and ended up dropping to sets of 5s, 3s, and 1s.

Nice WOD.

monroe said...

Gotta learn to butterfly. How's everyone feeling about the program?

Ryan Kroells said...


Devon McCuan said...

I'm digging the mix of benchmark WODs and time on the track and lifting improvement! Everything rocks in my book! Thanks for all you do!