Aug 2, 2015

Monday 15.08.03

Warm Up
- 400m jog
- Dynamic stretching
- Bergener Warmup

Main WOD
- Accumulate 1 minute in L Sit


- 400m run
- 21 Kettlebell swings
- 12 pull ups

Mobility WOD
- Deltoid mash and stretching

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0530, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD
- Helen is a benchmark WOD.  Try to do each round unbroken.

Mobility WOD
After pullups and KB swings your shoulders will probably be a little smoked.  Ensure you spend some time mashing the deltoid, 2 minutes minimum, and stretching.


monroe said...

Correction: Prescribed total time for the L-sit is ONE minute, not two. Post total attempts necessary to reach one minute.

Devon McCuan said...

L-sit modified (knees tucked) - 25 attempts
Main WOD: 10:47 Rx KB modified PU

Sean Carmody said...

Doing personal programing for AUG. Back to IMCF programing in SEP. 21/15/9, 135#Squat Cleans and HSPUs, 17:32

Jill Teixeira said...

10:33 Rx
Need to work on my L-sit!

Boo said...

14:08 Rx
Great to see 24 pax at the 5:30 group.

monroe said...

L-sits done in 4 sets, 00:15 seconds each.
"Helen:" 11:05 RX, 53lb KB

Sapper408 said...

Helen - 11.27, 35lb KB
Need work on the L sit

Chante Hickey said...

Helen 11:55
26#KB and green band used to modify pull ups.

Cedric Burden said...

Helen 11:29 @55#

Emery Baughan said...

10:13 Rx.

Kevin McDonald said...

10:23 RX. Had to break up the pullups on the last round. Not a good idea to make up the 27 JUL WOD on Sunday.