Aug 27, 2015

Friday 15.08.28

Warm Up
- 500m row
- Dynamic stretching

Main WOD
- Accumulate 1.5 minutes in L Sit, then

Team Running Cindy.

Two 3-athlete (or two, or one) teams compete against each other for total Cindy rounds. Each team completes three rounds. While one team runs 800m run the other team does rounds of “Cindy.”

- 5 pull ups
- 10 push ups
- 15 squats

Mobility WOD
- 1/2 Split Right Side 1 minute
- 1/2 Split Left Side 1 minute
- Pigeon Right Side 1 minute
- Pigeon Left Side 1 minute

- banded shoulder distraction

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0530, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD
- While one team is running an 800m run together, the other team is completing as
many Cindy rounds as possible...when all members of the running team complete their 800m run the teams switch places

1) No partial rounds count.
2) Each team member rotates through the Cindy movements once all members have completed their station...i.e. you can't have two team members on pull-ups at the same time.

Mobility WOD
More hamstring flexibility work.  Banded shoulder distraction is to relieve your shoulders after the pull ups.


Devon McCuan said...

Aileen and Stefanie vs Ecko and Devon
34:10 total time 31 total rounds (14 vs 17)
Great workout!

Kevin McDonald said...

23:58 with 12 rounds. Kinda RX. Another bout of Kevin vs his imaginary friend.
Ran 800, then did rounds of Cindy for same amount of time. Run times got longer but output did not improve for some reason. Came up a few squats short on rounds 1 and 3. Smoked, but in a good way. Continued to work on running technique - breathing not panting.

L-sits: 30, 20, 20, 20.

Godfather: In response to your question - How's everyone feeling about the program?
I'm lovin it. You got me back into a program. I had just been recycling some old WODs, working some skills, and doing dumbbell work. I thoroughly appreciate your focus on foundational functional movement, core strengthening, and recovery. I find the programming physically and mentally challenging and enjoy the great mixture of modes, durations, and weights in the WODs – with a good mix of benchmark WODs. Forced me to increase my mobility and try some new techniques - never tried the eagle pose before - it wasn't pretty. The plank, L-sit focus has been very helpful - I plan to continue daily core work. Realized that I let some skills slip - like double unders. Also forced me to get a bar, break out my cast iron for bar work and hit the Olympic lifts. Your programming has pushed me and improved my performance and skills. Feeling great with lots of mobility work.

Sapper408 said...

13 rounds, just shy of 27 minutes....obvious winners of the day #likeaboss
Ellen, Jim, and Bill

Kevin Moyer said...

Great Team WOD, we had 4 and just doubled up one person. Worked out great. Finished 10rds but could've gotten more if the other team didn't run so darn fast!