Jun 14, 2015

Monday 15.06.15

Warm Up
- Dynamic stretching

- 1x20 Back Squat (try to go higher than last week, if you can)

Main WOD
- Row 750m
- 9x POWER cleans (135/95)
- Row 500m
- 15 Power Cleans (135/95)
- Row 250m
- 21 Power Cleans (135/95)

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com.

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0545, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD looks similar to one from last week...with one major change: power cleans instead of squat cleans. Times should be MUCH faster this go around.

(Apologies for the late post.  I'm traveling and doing this from a phone!  -Chuck)

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