May 26, 2015

Wednesday 15.05.27

Warm Up
- Burgener Warmup

Main WOD

A. 3 Rounds for total working time
- 15 Shoulder to Overhead (50% BW)
- Rest 1 min between sets

B. 3 Rounds for total working time
- 40 Cal Row
- Rest 1 Min between attempts

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0545, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Two single-element workouts, back to back.

For the shoulder to overheads, you can do a press, push press, or push jerk to get the bar overhead. Remember to focus on a good setup: bar in the front rack, elbows slightly in front of the bar. Bar path moves straight over your head…so move your head out of the way…don’t move the bar around your head!

You only get 1 minute of rest between the STO and the Rowing!

Have you recovered from Murph, yet? If not, the rowing will not be fun. You are rowing for calories, so make each pull count. Getting a calorie per pull means you only have to pull the handle 40 times each set…that’s a lot better than pulling 80 times per set. Pulling faster does not mean you are pulling harder…so focus on your rowing form. Think: Legs, back, arms…arms, back, legs.


Chuck Lawrence said...

6:06 @ 95

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Rich V. said...

Thanks to all the CF who took part in the beep test. Great scores!!