May 5, 2015

Wednesday 15.05.06


Warm Up (6 min)
- Row 500m (easy)
- Dynamic Stretching
- Burgener Warm up

- In 14 Min Build to a heavy Front Squat
Main WOD
For Time:
- 5 Cleans (Bodyweight)
- 5 MU
- 2 Rope Climbs
- 4 Cleans (BW)
- 4 MU
- 2 Rope Climbs
- 3 Cleans
- 3 MU
- 2 Rope Climbs
- 2 Cleans
- 2 MU
- 2 Rope Climbs
- 1 Clean
- 1 MU
- 2 Rope Climbs

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0545, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Warm Up
Burgener Warm up

Gymnastics and Weightlifting…my two favorite modalities! Once again, we have two parts to this session. Bar work comes first. Today, we’re going to load up some weight in the front rack and work towards a heavy front squat.

Remember the major elements of the front squat:
1) Stance is at shoulder width
2) Bar is racked on the shoulders, hands outside the shoulders, with a loose fingertip grip.
3) Elbows high, with the upper portion of the arm parallel to the ground.

The squatting movement remains the same: butt travels back and down, knees track over toes, hip crease below top of the knee, then drive through your heels and stand back up. Keep those elbows high…we’re getting heavy today, and if you drop your elbows, your back will round out and you WILL fail that lift (or injure yourself).
Main WOD
For the Metcon, we’re swinging, climbing and pulling! The prescribed weight for the cleans is your bodyweight. If you can’t clean that, no problem, scale to what you can do. The cleans are supposed to be heavy and moderately uncomfortable…so if you can’t clean your bodyweight of 185#, but you can clean 155#, don’t load up a 65# bar and go to town…you’ll be missing the point of the WOD.

For the muscle-ups, ring muscle-ups are prescribed, but bar muscle-ups are allowed. If you don’t have muscle-ups yet, no worries, do 2 pullups and 2 dips for every one muscle-up! (Round 1 has 5 muscle-ups, if you are scaling, you would do 10 pullups and 10 dips).

For the rope climb: You can do these legless or with your legs, either is fine. We have TWO ropes. If you know for a fact that you can’t climb the rope, please bring a towel. You will do towel pullups at a 10:1 ratio (i.e. 2 rope climbs=20 towel pullups).