May 6, 2015

Thursday 15.05.07

Warm Up (6 min)
- Run 400m (easy)
- Dynamic Stretching
3 Rounds for total working time:
- 10 HSPU
- 40 DU
- 12 T2B

Rest 2 min between rounds

4 Rounds for total working time
- Row 2 Min
- 8 DL (150%BW/110%BW)

Rest 3 min between Rounds

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0545, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Something a little different today. Two different WODs, each with programmed (and required) rest, both for total working time.

Gymnastics and monostructural work. Go as fast as you can through each round, but rest EXACTLY two minutes between rounds. No more, no less. The rest is deliberate…the goal is for each round to take roughly the exact same time. Your score is the TOTAL working time for this part…that means you include your rest into your time.

For the HSPU, scale first with stacking abmats, then by moving to box-suppported HSPU.

Scale DU at 3:1 (yep, that’s 120 SU per round).

Scale T2B to Knees to Elbow, then to hanging knee raises.

Weightlifting and monostructural work. Again, you are going for TOTAL working time. You aren’t rowing for distance, you are rowing for TIME. Whether you row 750m or 250m, you will be on that rower for two full minutes. Pace yourself.

For the deadlifts, you are once again basing your weight off of your bodyweight. Do not lift any more than 150% of your bodyweight for men, or 110% of your bodyweight for women. Scale the weight if you need to…do not let your pride cause you to hurt yourself.

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Sean Carmody said...

WOD A: 7:25 Rx, Skipped WOD B for COMPs.