May 3, 2015

Monday 15.05.04


Warm Up (6 min)
- Run 400m (easy)
- Dynamic Stretching
- Burgener Warm up

- In 14 Min Build to Heavy Split Jerk
- In 12 Min Build to Heavy DL

Main WOD
EMOM 6 Min

- 1 DL (60% 1RM)
- 5 Box Jumps (24/20)

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0545, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Three parts to today’s training session. The bar work is up front, and it is timed. Partner up with someone who is close to the same ability as you and get to work! You have 14 minutes for the Jerk and 12 minutes for the deadlift…make sure that athletes are using their time wisely. Start around 60% of current 1RM and work up!

After 26 minutes of lifting, we will do a quick 6 minute EMOM of deadlifts and box jumps. The deadlift is only at 60% of the highest weight you pulled off the ground during part “B.” The quicker you finish, the more rest you get. The goal is to be complete with each set within 15-20 seconds.

It's Star Wars Day, so use the Force and get some work done!

Split Jerk

This is a SPLIT jerk, not a push jerk or power jerk. Get comfortable getting under the bar in a balanced split. Some points to remember:

1) Set up in the front-squat rack position with upward pressure on the end of the elbows.

2) Head neutral and feet in a stance of flexibility.

3) Dip slow, straight and short.

4) Aggressive change of direction and exaggerated head movement back while maintaining upward elbow pressure.

5) Hips and ankles open completely as chin is lifted to its highest point.

6) As the bar begins to float, it stays in the fingertips as it is guided back slightly and the hips start to drop straight down and the feet split.

7) The bar and head will quickly pass each other, at which point the hands will wrap and push the body the rest of the way under for a lockout that will occur immediately after the feet return to the floor.

8) The bar is now directly over the shoulders and the hips with the head poking through to the point where the ears are just in front of the arms.

9) The front foot moves back first to the point where the back foot will step up and meet in the middle to complete the lift.

Read the following article by Chad Vaughn for more pointers on the split jerk:

It’s the first of the three foundational lifts from the ground that we all learned about during our on-ramp or fundamentals class (remember that?!).

Remember the points of performance:
1) Lumbar curve maintained throughout movement
2) Keep the weight in your heels
3) Shoulders slightly in front of the bar on setup
4) Hips and shoulders rise at the SAME rate
5) The bar remains in contact with the legs throughout the movement!!!
6) Movement finishes with hip completely open and knees straight.
Here’s a clip of Coach Glassman deconstructing and simplifying the deadlift:

Box Jumps
We’ve done a LOT of these over the past year. Start the movement with both feet on the ground, hips open and knees extended. Jump up, or step up onto the top of the box. Movement finishes when both feet are squarely on top of the box, knees and hips are fully open and extended.

You are in charge of your own destiny today in regards to the bar work. The weight is what you can move. Don’t try to lift what you THINK you can lift, lift what you can ACTUALLY lift. We’re on the honor system here…if you get a 1RM of 315# on your deadlift, then 60% of that is about 190#. Even if you are super studly and know you can lift more weight during the EMOM, don’t. It’s programmed this way for a reason!

For the box jumps, scale the method (step ups, step downs, etc.) before you scale the box height.