May 31, 2015

June Programmer Notes

It’s June! Time to leave the “Best Year of Our Life” for some. My name is Brad DeLoach. I am an Army Aviator finishing up CGSC. As you all move to the four winds, I recommend doing something as your travel. Google “travel WODs” for some great body weight movements. For those of you that are still new to the sport, has an affiliate finder on their main page. Plus, more and more military installations have affiliates just like IMCF, so ask around when you get to your new place.

As you look around for your new box, if you choose to go off post I recommend trying as many different gyms as you can. Don’t go for the box that has the greatest equipment but terrible coaches. A lot of boxes I have found that have the greatest coaches are in old warehouses. Shop around….

Last month as rough...I mean great. Thanks to Chuck Lawrence for some incredible programming topped off with Murph! Who’s still recovering from that? This month is very similar. Like Chuck, I feel it is important to touch a barbell almost daily. With that, this month will focus on a lot of bar work throughout the WOD. Plus, each Monday will begin with 1x20 set of Back Squat. Remember what you do and attempt to up it the next Monday. The set is meant to be unbroken.

Have Fun!

- Brad D.

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