Apr 12, 2015

Welcome Our New IMCF Athletes!

Please welcome our newest IMCF Athletes from April's On-Ramp Class!!! See you guys on Monday!!!

Next On-Ramp in May
News & Notes

1. Sweat Shirt orders begin in two weeks. Prices vary from $18-$22-$28 and sweatshirts come in all colors and sizes. Orders can be made at the Bubble or in the LCC Cafeteria. Sweatshirts will be delivered 2-3 weeks later.
  • Point of Contact is Steve S. Click on the Sweat Shirt tab on our homepage for more information.
2. IMCF will be hosting MURPH on Memorial Day, 25MAY15, inside the Harney Bubble!
  • Point of Contact is Chuck L. More to Follow.
3. Next On-Ramp will be held in mid-May, inside the Harney Bubble!
  • Point of Contact is Mark M. Click on the ON-Ramp tab on our homepage for more information.
4. IMCF Leadership will begin transitioning out during the summer PCS season. If you are a CF L1 Trainer , or future CF L1 Trainer, WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SUSTAIN THE ALL VOLUTNEER FORCE!!!
  • Point of Contact is Rob K. Please email Robert.m.kinney@gmail.com if interested. Positions range from website manager, programming coordinator, and special projects lead. Many hands make light loads.

See you in the Bubble!!!

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