Apr 30, 2015

May Programming Notes

It's May! It's time for BBQs, pool parties, and Hero WODs! My name is Chuck Lawrence. I am an Army logistics officer finishing up CGSC. It's the final full month for the current CGSC and SAMS students...so I'm going to send you all out of here with a bang!

Last month, Nick Lozar took you on a cardio adventure designed to help most of you smash your spring physical fitness test. You've seen lower loads, higher heart rates, and lots and lots of mobility. Now it's time to ratchet things up a bit, increase the loads, and start working on skill with that barbell!

What you can expect this month:
1) You will touch a bar almost every day.
2) You will do a lot of work with elements of the clean and jerk.
3) You will still get a chance to work on stretching and mobility.
4) High-skill gymnastics. We saw them in the Open, so now we have a whole year to work!
5) You're going to want to check that ego at the door. Scale when you need to, not just when you want to.
6) You will (hopefully) have fun!
7)  We will have our annual Memorial Day Murph event, co-hosted with our Team RWB friends.  We're providing the WOD, they're providing the 'Murica (and some food)!

As many of you are aware, Rob and Tara Kinney are heading off to their next Army adventure a little early. As such, they have turned over their responsibilities in preparation for their move. Emery Baughan is taking over as the IMCF Communications Lead, and Sean Carmody is filling the role of A910 Coordinator. Thanks guys for stepping up and filling some really big shoes! I will temporarily serve as the IMCF Program Coordinator until a suitable (and more permanent) replacement can be found.

Rob and Tara, thanks so much for your providing your time and leadership to the IMCF family. The Bubble will not be the same without either of you!

Finally, it's PCS season, and new people are going to be filtering into the Bubble over the course of the next few weeks. Please do your best to welcome new athletes into the fold...remember, IMCF is the Unofficial US Army CrossFit Center of Excellence!

I look forward to working with everyone over the course of the next month. See you in the Bubble!

-Chuck L.

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Thanks buddy! IMCF is in good hands!