Mar 16, 2015

Tuesday 15.03.17

Main WOD "Oh No"
1RFT, 135/95#

- 05 DU, 30 Front Squats
- 10 DU, 25 Front Squats
- 15 DU, 20 Front Squats
- 20 DU, 15 Front Squats
- 25 DU, 10 Front Squats
- 30 DU, 05 Front Squats

Skill: Ring Dips
- 3x 10 reps for Quality

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0545, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: This is a total of 105 repetitions of Front Squats… so choose a weight that you can sustain with decent form. The Front Squat requires you to focus on keeping your body upright, since the weight tries to pull you forward. While keeping the weight in your heals, keep your elbows high and hands relaxed. That will help your chest stay high and maintain a good lumbar curve.

Scaling: Substitute Double Unders for singles at 3:1. Reduce the weight to 95/65# on the front squat.

Skill: Ring Dips 10-10-10. Ring dips are a great way to improve your overall core strength, and each rep targets your triceps, chest and shoulders. Tips for improving your Dips below:
  • Maintain Good Form - Keep the rings close to your body, push your chest forward, and keep your elbows back while you lower down for each rep.
  • Scale – Start off doing dips on a bench, then move onto bar dips. Once your bar dips are at a solid stage, then try ring dips using resistance bands.
  • Practice Your Grip - Practice your ring dip grip by using static holds for 10-20 seconds to work on your stabilizer muscles and get you familiar with using rings.
  • Improve Your Flexibility - Work on your shoulder and tricep flexibility by rolling them out prior to hopping on the rings.


Sean Carmody said...

18:49 Rx

Ross said...

15:01 RX down here in AL

Chuck Lawrence said...

20:49 (135#, burpees instead of DU...i loaned my rope to one of the other athletes...burpees suck. So very much...)