Mar 15, 2015

Monday 15.03.16

***15.3 Scores Must be Submitted NLT 1900 CST***
***Meet at Track***

Team WOD "Burpee Broad Jump"
1 Lap for Time, 2 Partners

- 400m Burpee Broad Jump (1 lap)*

*1 Partner Burpees at a time
* Partner Runs 400m before switching

Skill: Reverse Burpees
- 15x Reps for Quality

Accessory Work: Med Ball Toss
- 10x Attempts Threw the Goal Post 20/14#

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Normal start times of 0545, 0630, and 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: 2 person person burpee broad jumps and one runs 400 meter. Upon completion of the run, runner switches with burpee broad jumper and continues the BBJ. begin another 400m run, continue to switch until the Team BBJ 400 meters (1 total lap). Watch this video for a Burpee Borad Jump video.

Scaling: Substitute "Burpee Broad Jump" with "Broad Jump and Stand" or "Two Lunges and Push Up."

Skill: Reverse Burpee (15 total). It's just like a burpee, just backwards. Athletes start on the ground with their legs raised, knees toward the chest. A dynamic hip thrust and foot plant should put the athlete in position to stand up right and finish the burpee. Watch this vide for a good demo., legs must extended and perpendicular to the ground at the beginning of each rep.

Accessory Work: Med Ball Throw. Take 4 Med Balls down to the track. Line up on the goal line and see how many times you can get the Med Ball threw the goal post. 10 out of 10 wins! Ensure you get a good squat to recruit max power. Open the hips to transfer the power to your upper body. Extend the arms with max effort to get that ball up and over!
  • Take a step closer after Each miss!

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