Mar 2, 2015

CrossFit OPEN Update

OPEN WOD 15.1 & 15.1a

Team Iron Major
15.1   =  858 reps
15.1a = 1200 lbs

Overall Rankings
Worldwide Rank     = 2465 out of  4406
North Central Rank =   232 out of    340

Great work everybody! Team Iron Major has 60 registered Athletes this year. The first week of the OPEN inspired a lot of Personal Records (PRs) and a lot more Personal Triumphs!!! Our weekly Team score is the combination of the top 3 female and top 3 male athletes each week. So who knows, your perfect WOD may be around the corner. EVERY REP/LBS COUNTS! Stay loose and drink water...

Top 3 Male/Female Performers
Oleksii T.              Diane M.
  Carlos Z.               Tiffany W.
     Rob K.                  Christiana J.
Ryan K.                             . 
     Oleksii T.              Elizabeth B.
Carlos Z.               Diane M.
   Mike M.                Tiffany W.

Keep up the great work and get ready for 15.2!!!

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