Mar 31, 2015

April Programming Notes

Welcome to April! My name is Nick Lozar. I am a United States Marine attending CGSC. The bunnies, kisses, and flowers that are coming up for Easter will be upon us soon. In kind, we are going to get everyone ready for all of those jelly beans and chocolate eggs!

The last several months of programming have been focused on getting people ready for the open. Thanks to Kwame for the home stretch leading us up to a great team event. Now everyone needs to get a change of pace and work on our speed and mobility. Remember…there are 10 general physical skills. Strength is only as good as your ability to perform maintenance on yourself.

Everyone at this time of year is also focused on their PFT, regardless of service. You are going to notice a intentional decrease in weight, and barbell work in general. There will be a lot of running, a lot of gymnastics and warmups, and a LOT of mobility. I even threw a pool WOD in there for good measure.

A few common exercises you will see during the month:
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • 10 yds lunge reach - slow walking lunge while reaching back to touch you heel
  • 10 yds reverse walking lunge, slowly twisting torso over your forward knee
  • 10 yds alternating lateral lunge
  • 10 yds walking single leg DL
  • 5 worm-walks - with feet in place, walk hands out to push-up position, lower to ground, arch up in an ab stretch, rock back into downward dog, then walk feet up to hands.
  • Burgener Warmup: There are many variations of this, but it is technique work that needs to be done regularly.
I look forward to seeing everyone out there for the WODs.

-Nick L.

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