Feb 20, 2015

Why You Need to Sign Up for the CrossFit Open

The Open is 6 days away...Why haven't you signed up?

Team Iron Major needs you!
Find out who is already on Team Iron Major by clicking here.

We had a blast with this last year and athletes of all abilities competed. The Open created an awesome team environment in the Bubble and gave our athletes opportunities to push themselves in ways they otherwise might not have had.

It doesn't matter if you are new to CrossFit, or if you are a repeat gamer... THE STRUGGLE IS THE SAME. Be better than the previous version of yourself.

So... if I am competing against myself, why should I pay $20.00 to put my score online? Because the sense of community is never stronger than when you are competing. No one goes to the school dance to sip juice in the corner. So...hop on the dance floor (sign up), leave your comfort zone (do the WOD), and make new friends (cheer on a new PR).

Still need some motivation? Check out this article from a guy who finished last at his box last year. A few exerts below:
  • "Many of the basic movements I knew would be programed in the Open I could still not do. For example, I still scaled pull-ups to ring rows or box pull-ups. Every time I was asked and encouraged to sign-up for the Open, I always said no."
  • "Thursday morning before the first Open workout was announced, I signed up."
  • "I planned on using the entire 10 minutes to get that one rep. I hit my first double-under in the first minute. My gym was excited. They cheered and yelled..."
  • "I actually completed the workout. I even completed it RX. My name had an RX behind it. Like an “I Love Mom” tattoo on a sailor, I had CrossFit’s badge of honor."
  • "That day I learned that community was about the shared struggle."

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Chuck Lawrence said...

Come on, folks...sign up! It's good AND good for you!