Feb 28, 2015

March Programming Notes

Thanks Justin for destroying our minds, bodies, and souls to make us stronger last month. Normally I don't do this but…..let's keep the party going!

Me llama Kwame Boateng. I am an engineer officer attending SAMS Class 15-01.And ever since Mrs. Garcia's 6th grade Spanish class, I've had one goal - to pump (clap!) you up! I generally swing with the 0545 group, but I'm open to try new times.

About the programming: Our goal this month is to try to increase our stamina and muscular endurance. Most of the WODs will aim for that 15-18 minute sweet spot but may be a bit longer overall given the make-up of our community and our general fitness needs. Because of the OPEN Games on-going this month, we'll conduct our team WODS on Monday since that is usually a crowd pleaser. The Crossfit equivalent of a Happy Meal.

Strength: Twice a week we will start strength exercises before the Main WOD to continue the tradition reinitatiated by the good Justin Pritchard. The strength will be shorter to get greater focus on weight. Let's face it, summer's coming. To quote Vladimer Putin: "Sun's out - guns out." (translated from Russian).

Skill: To aid in our flexibility, the skill work this month will trend towards gymnastics, balance, and bodyweight work. Flexibility is the overlooked skill that aids longevity and prevents injury, embrace it my fellow C-fitters.
"Doing crossfit helped me keep the strength of mind and body to win World War 2. Thanks IMCF!"
- Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander (his private memoirs)

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