Jan 7, 2015

Thursday 15.01.08

Main WOD

- 500m Row
- 30 Push Ups
- 10 Ring Dips

Skill Work: Snatch
Burgener Warm-Up w/ PVC
3-3-3-3-3 Pressing Snatch Balance
3-3-3-3-3 Heavy Snatch Balance

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Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: This triplet will test your pulling and pushing under high duress. Target time is 10-16 minutes depending on your rowing technique (you should know your personal best from Monday). Pace your self and minimize transition time for best overall WOD time.
  • When rowing, remember to focus on “legs-hips-arms/arms-hips-legs.” Power comes from the legs while efficiency comes from the transition between drive and recovery.
  • On push-ups keep a tight, plank-like torso position at all costs. Never let your hips sag or bend; don’t point your butt in the air to make it easier. Maintain the straight line.
    • Squeeze your glutes and flex your abs. This will keep your torso honest and avoid hyper-extension of the lower back.
    • Head is part of the plank. Keep your head facing the ground; don’t tilt your chin up and strain your neck
    • Full range of motion! At the top, just as you feel like you’ve gone as far as you can, push a little more. *If you need to modify the push-up go to one knee.
  • Ring Dips. Full extension at the top; shoulder is below elbow, bicep touches rings at the bottom. 
Scaling: For ring dips, use a banded ring or execute of the side of a bench/box.
  • Bench/box dips provide a stable platform while you are required to push less weight than a full dip.
  • You can bend your knees at a 90 degree angle to use your legs for additional assistance, or keep your legs straight for more of a challenge.
Skill Work: Begin by watching the Burgener Warm Up by CLICKING HERE. For more information, read the CrossFit Journal article by CLICKING HERE. Perform 3-5 reps of each movement before moving on to the next one. The sequence is as follows, always in this order:

    1. Down and up
    2. Elbows high and outside
    3. Muscle snatch
    4. Snatch land
    5. Snatch drop
    6. Hang power snatch 
The Pressing Snatch Balance is designed to give you the feeling of driving/pressing your body underneath the bar. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Start with the bar on your back with your feet in the landing/squatting position. The bar never gets higher than where its on your shoulders. Slowly start pressing your body under the bar until you reach the bottom of the overhead squat. Make sure you don’t initiate the drive under by pressing the bar up or squatting then pressing the bar up over your head.

The Heavy Snatch Balance is done with speed to compensate for the additional weight. An idea would be 3-3-3-3-3, doing the first one of each set the pressing and then the next two heaving. Also, a reminder that you are doing the movements with your feet already in the landing position.


Sean Carmody said...

16:35 Rx

Chuck Lawrence said...

Gave the 21-15-9 Complex from last year's Games a shot yesterday...scaled the bar weight to 135 and took away the time cap. Finished in 10:11.

Ross said...


12:15 but did dips on a dip rack not rings - had a bad pec pull this fall from ring dips and when I get in bottom position still on ring dips it is tight and sore, but can get in full depth position on rack and no issues - thoughts?

Not good no heavy snatch balance - felt good @95, 115, 135, but failed on 155 first three tries, dropped down did 6 more at 135, then jumped back to 155, was able to get two then failed again - stopped there for the day.

Chuck Lawrence said...

14:16 Rx (plus the 4 MU i did to get up onto the rings)

Jimmy Chen said...


13:55 Rx. Did what Chuck did because I was too lazy to adjust the rings in my garage gym.