Jan 20, 2015

IMCF Winter Fest Results

The IMCF Winter Fest on 17 Jan consisted of four categories and two divisions consisting of 18 athletes. The competition workouts comprised of four WODs ranging from 10-15 minutes. All competitors worked hard in establishing themselves as the fittest during the Winter Fest.

First, we would like to thank the volunteers that worked tirelessly in creating and executing a complex event. Without the assistance of our dedicated volunteers and MWR staff, this event would have been impossible to put on. Second, we would extend our thanks to our sister programs, Results, H.I.T Fit, and Tactical Athlete. Your athlete's achievements and assistance during this event inspired judges and spectator alike with their feats of overall fitness and determination.

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Winners and Scores by Category are listed below.

Men’s RX                                        Men’s Scaled
Oleski-1204                                      David-1181
Carlos-1131                                      James-1129
Josh-1104                                         Kenny-929

Females RX                                    Females Scaled
Tiffany-647                                       Valera-1020
Cassy-647                                        Jaime-935
Joni-565                                           Jessica-927


CrossFit Open WOD 15.1 is released on 26FEB15 at 1900 CST

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