Jan 31, 2015

February Programming Notes

Thanks Bethany for getting IMCF started off right in 2015! 

Hello, my name is Justin Pritchard. I am an engineer officer attending SAMS Class 15-01. I began CrossFit 18 months ago when I arrived at Ft. Leavenworth for CGSOC. My neighbors, Sam and Susan Friend, invited me to an on-ramp and I have enjoyed the being a part of the IMCF community ever since. You usually can find me at the 0545 group start.

About the programming: Our goal this month is to expose ourselves to a variety of movements that athletes might experience in the Open. The Open begins on Friday, February 27, 2015! So sign up, work on your form, speed, and strength.

Strength: Twice a week we will start strength exercises before the Main WOD. This will help athletes warm up before the main WOD, and provides motivation to get it done. Often I am so tired after the main WOD that I skip or slack on the strength exercises. I recommend arriving a few minutes early to the Harney Bubble to warm up and get ready to execute the prescribed strength exercise as soon as the WOD brief is complete. Trainers should cap the strength exercise to 10 – 12 minutes and then begin the Main WOD. Athletes can always finish the strength exercises at the end of the workout if time runs out. I programmed the strength exercise to support the WODs and to build upon the games made from the Wendler Lifting Program in December and January.

Skill: Like the strength exercises, February’s skill work supports the Main WOD programming. Grab a partner after the main WOD and keep each other honest while you practice each skill.

I’ll see you around the bubble.
Justin P.

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