Dec 15, 2014

Tuesday 14.12.16

Main WOD
1RFT, 25min Time Cap

- 800m Run
- 21 Pull ups
- 10 Hand Stand Push-ups
- 600m Run
- 15 Pull ups
- 7 Hand Stand Push-ups
- 400 M Run
- 9 Pull ups
- 4 Hand Stand Push-ups

Optional Strength Work: Bench Press
- 3x 5 @ 65/70/80% 1RM

Assistance Work
- 5x 10 dips OR chin ups

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD: It wouldn’t be a great week without some running!  For the mental game, remember that the running is all downhill!

For Pull-ups; you pick your poison. Points of performance include pulling yourself upward until your chin is over the bar and completing the exercise by slowly moving to the hanging position. Based on where you are at, these could be strict, kipping, jumping, or banded.
For Hand stand pushups, you can do them strict or kipping. Other modifications include wall walks or pike pushups on the box. Here are some recommendations for the Hand Stand Push-up.
  • Hand placement: place hands about 6-12 inches away from the wall and slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Make sure palms are facing forward or slightly turned out 5-10 degrees.
  • Kick up into a handstand, with your heels touching the wall.
  • Once you have kicked up, establish a strong, rigid midline position.
  • While maintaining this position, lower yourself until the top of your head touches the floor/mat. Try to keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle as you lower.
  • Once your head touches the floor, press up with the same tightness you had lowering yourself, until your elbows reach full extension.
Here are a couple of videos covering set up and execution for kipping handstand push ups.
Optional Strength Work: Begin by setting your shoulders in their sockets and pinching your should blades behind you for support prior to bringing the bar over your chest. Use a straight-line path to press over your chest. 


Jimmy Chen said...

TDY schedule this week is pretty crazy, since we're starting early today. Sorry couldn't work out with the crew - it was great seeing you all yesterday!

Will tackle this WOD before the end of the day!!!

Sean Carmody said...

10:55 Rx

Chuck Lawrence said...

11:13 Rx

Ross said...


12:53 RX

HSPU went better than usual, went too easy on the runs.

Dan R. said...

12:38 Rx.
Yeah...when I do a WOD with 21 HSPU's that feels like a true recovery WOD, the day before must have been horrible.

Chuck Lawrence said...

Sir, I don't know..after yesterday there is no such thing as an 'easy' run...

monroe said...

Work with MCTP crew this morning. Went through a series of back bridges, planks, get up and run drills, and med ball heaves before a workout of:
15 burpees
squat/hand release push up ladder (10x)
15 burpees.
10 minute time cap.

Oly lifting this afternoon.

Jimmy Chen said...

As promised, came in around 1700 to knock this bad boy out. Running in freezing temps is definitely an awesome motivator to run faster! Finished at 10:10.

It was great running into Mr. Monroe, too!