Dec 8, 2014

Tuesday 14.12.09

Main WOD "Bear Complex"
5 RNFT (Rounds Not For Time)

7 cycles of the list equal 1 round (touch and go)
- Power Clean
- Front Squat
- Push Press
- Back Squat
- Rack Jerk
*300m Run after each Round (5 times total)

Optional Strength Work
30 Second Ring Hold x 4

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD: The Bear Complex consists of 5 barbell exercises performed back to back without resting (this is what makes it a bear!). Each exercise flows naturally into the next. You start by power cleaning a barbell off the ground. With the barbell now resting at shoulder level perform a front squat. The third exercise in the Bear sequence is the push press. Using momentum, press the barbell over your head and lower it back down in a controlled manner to the back of your shoulders. From this position you will perform a back squat. After the back squat, perform one more push press, returning the bar to the front of your body and then back to the ground.
  • No resting on the ground; not even to re-grip
  • The clean starts at the ground and finishes standing at full hip extension
  • The squats have to go below parallel
  • The Presses finish locked out overhead
  • Jerking is acceptable, as are squat cleans and deadlifting then hang cleaning
  • The squats and push presses can be distinct or combined into thrusters
  • You CAN’T receive the clean in a squat and go directly to the thruster; stand first
  • Rest anywhere except on the ground
Perform this circuit 7 times without stopping. This is called one round.

Optional Strength Work: 30 Second Ring Support hold; fundamental strength work for ring training that teaches your body to apply force more productively.


Sean Carmody said...

Stuck babysitting, not gonna make it. Just remember you gotta bite the bear before the bear bites you.

Chuck Lawrence said...

95-95-115-115-135 (dropped bar 1x on round of 135)

Probably should have just stuck with 115 for this. 135 was brutal.

Dan R. said...

I kept 2 #45 plates on the ground beside the bar just to look good. Never touched them. That bear seemed to jump on my back around the third rep of each round.

Tara Kinney said...

If sticking to a single weight, 125/85 is recommended; sorry this was left out if the notes! Good executive decision on the ascending weight; I took the lead on that. Ps- 300 M is RX between each...not 200
65-70-75-80-95: dropped twice at 95...that was def a bear!

Chuck Lawrence said...

Yeah, we couldn't figure out how far 300m was, so in the interest of time (and my inability to determine ground distance, haha), we just said 200m. I'll take the facepunch on that one!

Jimmy Chen said...


There's something about doing The Bear the day after "Angie" that makes me die a little on the inside... Anyways, this is my second Bear attempt, as my first one (waaaay back last year) did not go so well. Started out with 115 before realizing that I bit off more than I could chew. Shamefully finished doing straight 95# until Round 4, where dropping the bar was liberally applied with extreme prejudice.

JeffreyShockley said...

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