Dec 24, 2014

Thursday 14.12.25

***Bubble Closed***

Main/Travel  WOD

Buy In - 800m Run

- Pistols (Each Leg)
- Burpees

Buy Out - 800m Run

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Work out at home... Post your comments to see who is really in the Christmas Spirit.

WOD: A classic 21-15-9 with a little buy in/out runs.  The Bubble is closed, so all those local to Leavenworth get to do Super Fun Travel WOD too! Make sure to roll out those ankles, knees and hips before performing 45 pistols on each leg. In addition, find a nice spot in the yard or garage to get full extension on the burpees (both vertical and horizontal). Have Fun!

Scaling: Substitute Pistols with Air Squats at 3:1.

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