Dec 7, 2014

Monday 14.12.8

Main WOD "Angie"

- 100 Pull-ups
- 100 Push-ups
- 100 Sit-ups
- 100 Squats

Optional Strength Work
Find Strict Press 1 Rep or 3 Rep Max

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: The workout Angie is used as a benchmark to test overall fitness. This is a simple bodyweight workout that doesn’t require any gear and you can do anywhere. Performed optimally, Angie will have a steady pace from start to finish. For most, the hardest part will be the 100 pull-ups at the start of the workout. Thankfully, these pull-ups come when your arms and back are fresh. Mentally prepare for yourself; knowing how you can scale down the 100 reps to chunks. One way to strategize is to consistently do 10 reps, 10 times. Or, you can break a set into 40 reps, followed by 30, 20 and 10. Find a count that works for you.
  • For pull-ups, make sure that your head remains in a neutral position and that you are using a kipping or butterfly strategy to lessen the burden on your neck, back and biceps. Avoid the temptation to sprint through the pull-ups; you will want these muscles to perform optimally for the pushups that immediately follow, which once again tax your biceps, shoulders and laterals.
  • An honest push-up moves slowly from full extension to a point of maximum depth and then returns rigidly to full extension. Common faults to avoid are sagging, spiking, bouncing, reaching for the ground or otherwise perturbing the body’s taut, rigid, straight-line posture.
  • Butterfly sit-ups are recommended. For these, lie face up on the (ab mat optional), soles of your feet together knees open to the sides, and arms overhead on the floor. Brace your core and sit up, reaching your fingers toward your toes.
  • Air Squats, although basic, are extremely fundamental. Ensure you keep your weight in y our heels, keep a lumbar curve, knees track over the toes, and maintain a line of action; hips press back as the butt descends and the chest is actively lifted.
  • Tips from the Pros:
Scaling: New to CrossFit? Consider reducing the rep count to 50 each and go threw the list twice if your up to it.
Optional Strength Work: In preparation for the Wendler program, find your Strict Press 1 Rep Max.


Sean Carmody said...

Title is wrong. The WOD is ANGIE, not ANNIE.

Chuck Lawrence said...

15:58 Rx.

Sean Carmody said...

12:57 Rx


19:32 Rx

Bloody hands...

Bethany Jessee said...

31:25 (with an extra 25lbs)

banded pull-ups and on one knee for push-ups. First WOD I had to go to banded pull-ups!

Jimmy Chen said...


16:46 Rx. Yeah, I learned my lesson doing high-volume pull-ups. That's why I wear Mechanix gloves.