Nov 12, 2014

Thursday 14.11.13

Main WOD

- 500m Row
- 3 Ring Dips
- 400m Row
- 6 Ring Dips
- 300m Row
- 9 Ring Dips
- 200m Row
- 12 Ring Dips
- 100m Row
- 15 Ring Dips

-10min Muscle Up Progressions

Optional Strength
- 10x 3 Back squats at 85% 1RM

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Another mixed ladder of descending rows and ascending ring dips. When rowing, remember to focus on “legs-hips-arms/arms-hips-legs.” Power comes from the legs while efficiency comes from the transition between drive and recovery. After each rowing piece, knock out some ring dips. Rings should be touching the armpit at the bottom. Elbows should be fully extended at the top. See the demo video for some nice tips on ring dip technique and scaling options.
Scaling: Execute banded ring dips or utilize the static bars behind the rig.  Substitute running for rowing at 1:1.

Strength: More back squats. Again, spend 15-20 minutes before the WOD to complete this exercise. If the squats are too much, take advantage of this time to work some mobility prior to the WOD.

OPTIONAL SKILL/ACCESSORY: Just like Jell-O, there is always room for muscle-ups. There are a ton of progressions for muscle-ups. Spend 5-10 minutes working through some of the progression movements.


Chuck Lawrence said...

8:38 Rx. Thought of the day: 150 Wallballs plus 21 thrusters + ~200 air squats + box jump overs + rowing = My legs no longer function.

A reminder to all, sweatshirts are available IN THE BUBBLE from 0545 until 0645 in the morning, and 1330-1430 in the afternoon.

I am not handing out sweatshirts at LCC. I say again, sweatshirts are NOT coming to LCC during the day.

Ross said...


Felt good on this one today..
8:11 RX, been hacking since I finished though....