Nov 7, 2014

Holiday Weekend WOD Info

Got a Four Day Weekend?
Need to get your fix?
Saturday: Check out Athletic Body Mind at a 10:00 class in Riverfront Community Center Gym Complex. Details on the website here!
Sunday: Watch the CrossFit Invitational Games via streaming video here!
Monday: Holiday Hours in effect.  Bubble open from 0500-1700 CST.
Tuesday: Holiday Hours in effect. Bubble open from 0800-1700 CST. WOD with Warriors "Armistice" WOD at 0800 CST at the Track on Cody and Biddle.  Click here for more details!
Wednesday-Friday: Normal Operations.  Pick up your sweatshirts at the times below.
  • 0530-0700: Bubble (See Rob)
  • 1230-1330: Lewis and Clark Center Cafeteria (See Chuck)


Sean Carmody said...

Personally, I love American women. I don't know what this webbot is talking about.

Chuck Lawrence said...

I have the sweatshirts for those of you who still need them. I will be at the bubble this afternoon between 1330 and 1530 to hand them out.