Oct 22, 2014

Thursday 14.10.23

Main WOD “The Ladders”
3x EMOM Style Movements, 40min Cap

Ladder 1 (Add 1 rep per min till failure)
- Body Weight Back Squat
Rest 5min

Ladder 2 (Add 1 rep per min till failure)
- ¾ Body Weight Push Press
Rest 5min

Ladder 3 (Add 1 rep per min till failure)
- 1 ½ Body Weight Deadlift

Strength: Form & Technique Review
Back Squat, Push Press, Deadlift

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com.

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: For the ladder pattern, perform one rep the first minute, two the second, three the third and so on until failure. After failure, Rest 5minutes. Repeat for the Cleans and Deadlifts. The deadlifts are at the end for a reason. The goal isn’t necessarily to finish. If you were Rich Froning, you’d still be doing 40 backsquats in the 40th minute. If you’re done before 40 minutes, no worries, now you know your rep count max.
Scaling: Reduce the weight to a level that you think/know you can do 5-6 times, if not, go lighter.

Skill (UPFRONT): WOD Practice. We will take 10-15 minutes to demonstrate form and find the right weight for the WOD.  Partner up and correct each other. Enjoy.


Sean Carmody said...

27 @ 175/145/240

Chuck Lawrence said...

Sean, is that score of 27 combined? Or did you get to 27 reps for each movement?

Just trying to figure out how to score this when I do it this afternoon.

Sean Carmody said...

I meant to include that in the notes. My example...got to 10 squats, 6 pp, and 11 DL. 10+6+11=27

Ross said...


OK that got ugly early....
I am guessing on how to score this
BS@225 - 10 full rds
PP@175 - 7 full rds
DL@335 - 6 full rds - had to break this off early for a meeting but probably wouldn't have made it past 8 or 9 it was getting heavy.

so I guess I call that a 23.