Oct 16, 2014

Friday 14.10.17


Main WOD “The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything”
1 RFT, 2 Partners

- 42 Box Jumps 24/20”
- 42 Lunge Walk with Plate Overhead 45/25# ***
- 42 Ring Dips
- 42 Calorie Row
- 42 Front Squat 115/75#
- 42 Burpees ***

***Executed by both Partners Simultaneously

WOD Practice

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com.

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: If you ever wanted to the answer to life, the universe, and everything... It is in this WOD.  Don't get it? Ask Google. In teams of 2, work to complete the chipper in the shortest time possible. One athlete works while one athlete rests in the plank.  NOTE: Lunges and Burpees are conducted by both athletes simultaneously (42 each).  All other movements are done till a group total of 42 is achieved.  Everyone finishes with Burpees!
Scaling: Reduce the height of the box to 20/18".  Reduce the weight of the bar to 95/65#. Reduce the plate weight to 35/15 on the lunges. regular dips or jumping ring dips, lower the drag on the row, drop the weight on the front squats.

Skill (UPFRONT): Take 10-15 minutes preparing your body for all the movements and practice transitions. Its been a while since we have done front squats.  Remember to maintain mid-line stability and a good racked position.

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Sean Carmody said...

I'm pissed I had to miss thus one. I hope it was fun.

Did "Cold Steel". Nothing like in-cadence leg spreaders to remind you of PT before CrossFit!