Oct 9, 2014

Friday 14.10.10

***Holiday Hours 0500-1700 Today***
Main WOD "Partner 'The Ghost'”
6RFT, 2 Partners, Lots of High 5s

- 1min Rowing (Calories)
- 1min Burpees
- 1min Double Unders
- 1min Rest

Box Jump Progressions

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com.

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: This is a similar format as "Fight-Gone-Bad".  FGB was meant to mimic a MMA fight (5 movements for 3 rounds) while “The Ghost” is meant to mimic a boxing match (3 movements for 6 rounds). Partner up in Teams of 2. Partner A starts on the rower. Partner B starts on the rower 1 min later.  B will follow A throughout the 6 rounds.  High 5s must occur every minute on the minute in conjunction with switching to the next movement. Goal is rack up the most reps in the time allotted
  • The rower will count up all the calories.
  • Partners A & B maintain their own rep count for burpees and double unders. Add at end
  • Burpees are regular with feet leaving the ground and hands touching overhead. 
  • Check out “The Ghost” Video here.
Scaling: Drop the drag setting on the rower to reduce the feel of resistance. Substitute Singles for Doubles at 3:1. 
Scoring: Total Number of reps per team (1 calorie, burpee, double under = 1 rep, 3 singles = 1 rep) 
Strength: Box Jump Progressions:
  • Heel Seated Jump Lands: Athlete sits on their heels, swings arms, explode from the hip and jump to land in a squatted positon. This movement builds explosive power and control of hip extensions.
  • Incorporate landing in an elevated position by using the soft boxes starting at 3”, 6”, 9” as capable
  • Finish with practicing seated box jumps to max height
  • Check out this Box Jump Progression Video


Sean Carmody said...

Just realized the box jump video I posted is not the one I wanted. If you're reading this before tomorrow, focus on the text guidance and your coaches.

Chuck Lawrence said...

Chuck and Nick, 771 (Rx for Nick, Rx with some single unders mixed in for me.)

Double unders and handstand walks are my goats. I will get them down before the Open.

Sean Carmody said...

Sean and Steph, 733 Rx/Singles at 3:1

Jimmy Chen said...


Tackled this alone and unafraid. Finished with 487 total score.