Oct 2, 2014

Friday 14.10.03

(Games 2014, Teams of 3)
1 RFT, 3 Partners, 30 Cap

- Thrusters (95# / 65#)
- Pull Ups

- Thrusters (115# / 75#)
- Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

- Thrusters (135# / 95#)
- Bar Muscle Ups

Muscle Ups and Scaling Options

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com.

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: This team WOD, first popularized by Rich Froning doing it by himself, was a Team Event in this year’s Games. We’ve modified it slightly and added a time cap. One athlete starts out with Fran. One athlete holds a squat. One athlete rests. The team can rotate their work-squat-rest cycles however they see fit. Coach’s, try to put those with muscle ups potential on different teams to balance the skill sets.
Scaling: Drop the weight but still plan for increasing sets. Scale the pull ups to (Jumping, then Regular, then Chest-to-Bar).

Skill (UPFRONT): Take some extra time upfront (10-15 minutes) to find your limiting movement and either practice or substitute in preapration for the WOD.


Chuck Lawrence said...

Oh wow...

Chuck Lawrence said...

20:37 Rx. Did this in a team of two. Bar MU got us both in the end...but by damn we finished it!

Sean Carmody said...

Sean and Bryan, Rx, 18:30

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

291/300 on the Marine CFT this morning.

CFT consists of
- 800m Run
- 30# push press (Max in 2min)
- 300m shuttle run with 60# ammo carry, low crawling, and buddy carry.

Good Times

Ross said...


Put cadets through grass drills, rope climbs, pullups and ttb sequences for PT...

I was not going to attempt this whole thing on my own.... wanted to play with heavy thrusters but Nagging peck muscle kept me away from MU today so did the Thrusters @135, and chest to bar PUs with rds of 12-9-6 for a time of 3:35...

Afterwards played around some with Clean into a hang clean @185 probably 10 times of the pair and some Clean &Jerk into a hang clean @205 probably 7 or 8 times.