Sep 24, 2014

Winter is Coming...

Who is interested in a CUSTOM MADE sweatshirt? 

Check out the details below to see what is available (color, cut, size, and cost).  Based on interest, we will open the ordering window in early October ensuring you receive your SWAG before Veterans Day!

3 Styles : Pullover Hoodie - Zip Up Hoodie - Zipper Jacket

Available Sweatshirt Colors per Style

Post questions or comments to

Prices. The Pullover Hoodie is $18.00. The Zipper Hoodie is $22.00. The Zipper Jacket is $28.00.

Selections.  All sweatshirts have the American flag on the front and the IMCF logo on the back.  There are three styles of sweatshirts.  Color is limited based on the style of sweatshirt (see above chart).  Text is either black or white.  Different sizes available from Small - XLarge.  Ask around for Sizing...should be a couple examples in the bubble to look at.

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John Forrester said...

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