Sep 23, 2014

Wednesday 14.09.24

Main WOD

- 1000m Row
- 45 Ring Dips
- 30 Power Snatch 95/65#

Double Unders: Max Attempts Unbroken by 5

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Kind a feels like "Jackie", so keep that in mind as you attempt this original WOD.  Starting with the row (should take 3-4 minutes), remember to drive the legs, open the hips/back, and pull the handle to your chest. Keep your pace at or about 10 seconds higher than your 500m pace. Also, take the last 50m to control your breathing and prepare for the transition to dips. Limited ring dips, so priority goes to those attempting Rx. Ensure you reach full depth (rings in arm pits) and full extension (elbows locked out). For the snatch, refer to yesterdays skill work for details on form and pace.

Scaling: Substitute 800m run for the 1000m row. Substitute Bar/Bench dips for ring dips or use band on the rings. Reduce the weight of the snatch to 65/45#.

Skill/Strength: Max Attempt Unbroken by 5? Begin with 5 unbroken double unders.  If successful, try 10 unbroken. Increase by 5 until you can longer string the requisite amount. Might even sneak a PR in there. If you cannot get passed 10, continue attempting 5s until you reach a max total of 50 Double Unders.



10:43 Rx

I really liked this version of a "Jackie" style WOD

Charles Lawrence said...

10:09 Rx. Hip flexors were angry at me after Fran.

Jimmy Chen said...


Thought about muscle-upping the ring dips, but my shoulders didn't agree with me after the 1000 meter row. Managed to finish at 11:32 Rx after losing some time trying to lower my rings from the bar.

Definitely concur with Charles about the hip flexors. Hell hath no fury like a hip flexor scorned...

Dan R. said...

11:10 @ #75 with power snatch. Ended up doing probably 15 singles on the ring dips. Felt like I was going to be on the rig all morning.

Ross said...


I did dips on a rig cause I am still nursing a pulled pec...


DUs went ok
50, 50, 0 - tripped up on first one then reset and went straight into 50,50,10 tripped again reset went straight in and did- 49